Michael Phelps’ Mother Writes Tell-All Book

Move over, Candy Spelling—there’s a new celebrity-mom autobiographer in town.

Star Magazine reports that Debbie Phelps, mother of recently troubled Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, has written a warts-and-all book about her relationship with her son, entitled A Mother For All Seasons.

In the unflinching tome, Ma Phelps doesn’t shy away from the less glorious moments of her maternal reign. Such as earlier this year, when photos of her son holding a water pipe to his lips during a party at the University of South Carolina emerged in the media. (Celebrity historians would come to refer to the event as BongGate.)

Debbie was “not happy” about her son’s “disappointing, uncharacteristic behavior,” she writes.

Nonetheless, she says, it “déjà vu all over again”—a reference to Phelps’ 2004 DUI arrest which, she says, was her first major disappointment in her son.

“Nothing like this had ever happened with him,” Phelps says of the earlier incident. “It was unreal—like something out of a horror movie—with TV clips of jail cell doors slamming ominously shut, dooming the life and career of one golden boy turned loser.”

Phelps largely holds herself accountable for her scion’s slip-up. “I was sure that I could have done something to better prepare Michael to make better choices,” the book reads. “He actually had tried to get someone else to drive after he had a few drinks. Apparently someone in the crowd made a crack about not giving the keys to his brand-new Range Rover to someone else.”

The incident and its ensuing publicity prompted the elder Phelps to take a week off from work. “I stayed out of sight, hibernating at a friend’s house, crying my eyes out,” she recalls.