Suri’s Busy Day: Walking, Shopping, and Eating (Shoes?)

What Suri Cruise wants, Suri gets!

It seems like the two-year-old craved two things on April Fools’ Day 2009: a pink flip-flop to chow down on, and a trip to the American Girl Place Boutique at the Grove in Los Angeles!

In a rare turn of events, Katie Holmes let her daughter actually walk, but not without the watchful and strict eyes of their multiple bodyguards.

And walk she did! Suri sauntered around in an adorable pink sundress, clenching her blankie in one hand, and her mom in the other.

Suri’s two little feet could only support her for so long, however, as she requested to be carried later on. This is when she decided that her shoe would cure her hunger pangs.

And here we thought she loved chocolate!

Aww…anything’s possible with this wild child.