VIDEO: Jessica Biel Hones Her Stripper Skills

You really have to admire Jessica Biel’s dedication to her craft. Especially when it involves the Stealth beauty working the stripper pole and twisting her form into delectable contortions.

Biel plays single mom/stripper Rose-Johnny in the upcoming drama Powder Blue, and for the role she worked tirelessly to learn the skills that pay the bills for the world’s exotic dancers.

“I’ve gained such a great respect for the women who actually do this for a living, because it’s so hard,” Biel tells Access Hollywood.

And Biel, in turn, gained great respect from Powder Blue writer/director Timothy Linh Bui.

“She’s very athletic,” Bui enthuses. “I thought the learning curve was going to take months, but it took weeks.”

But enough about learning curves; check out Biel’s moves in the video below:


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