VIDEO: Keira Knightley Attacked in Domestic Violence PSA

Pirates of the Caribbean actress Keira Knightley is lending her dramatic talents to a subject that’s very much on the public’s mind these days: The plague of domestic violence.

Knightley, 24, appears in a public service announcement for the charity Women’s Aid, which is dedicated to ending domestic violence against women and children.

The clip, which debuts in movie theaters on April 6, depicts Knightley returning home from a day of filming, only to be accused by her boyfriend of cheating with her co-star.

The boyfriend goes on to verbally and physically attack the actress. At the end of the clip, the camera pans out to reveal a movie set.

“Isn’t it time someone called cut?” the ad concludes.

Atonement director Joe Wright helmed the PSA. Knightley agreed to star in the spot because “while domestic violence exists in every section of society we rarely hear about it,” she says. “Domestic violence affects one in four women at some point in their lifetime and kills two women every week.”

Check out a video of the PSA below:


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