VIDEO: Shawn Johnson’s Stalker Stopped By Cops On Way To Los Angeles

The cops in Loxley, Alabama, might have had a chance to stop Shawn Johnson’s alleged stalker, Robert O’Ryan, before he got to Los Angeles last week, but apparently they encounter too many crazies to sift the serious threats from the idle talk.

In the video below, you’ll see O’Ryan being questioned by police at an early morning traffic stop en route to Los Angeles. When asked where he was going, O’Ryan revealed that he was driving across the country to meet a friend: “Shawn Johnson. She’s an Olympic gymnast. She’s on TV now.”

When asked whether or not O’Ryan and Johnson had ever actually communicated, he replied, “Only in my dreams.”


Loxely Police Chief Chip Cason let O’Ryan go with two ticket violations, for lack of insurance and tags, and says he didn’t think much of the whole ordeal. “Today with Internet dating it’s not uncommon to encounter people traveling miles across states to go meet people that they’ve met on the Internet for the first time.”

Once O’Ryan got to Los Angeles, he was soon arrested and charged with one felony count of stalking, and two misdemeanor counts of carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle. Police arrested O’Ryan after he allegedly snuck onto the set of Dancing With the Stars, on which Johnson is currently a contestant. Loaded guns, love letters to and clippings about Johnson, duct tape and zip ties were among the items found in his vehicle, according to reports.