Kelly Osbourne Gets Wet With Luke Worrall

Kelly Osbourne Gets Wet With Luke Worrall-photo

After an assault arrest and a stint in rehab earlier this year, Kelly Osbourne seems to be developing a taste for the more wholesome things in life these days.

Ozzy Osbourne's daughter was spotted in Miami on Thursday, frolicking in the pool of her luxurious oceanfront hotel while vacationing with her fiancé, model Luke Worrall.

The playfully rambunctious Osbourne even put her beau in a semi-leglock and submerged his head underwater. Oh, that scamp!

No word on whether Kelly paid a visit to the Florida TV station that banned her family's new variety show, Osbournes: Reloaded, while she was in Florida.

Hopefully not; it would be a shame if one of her rare good moods were to be ruined.



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  • nocturne

    How can you guys say who should go out with who based on looks?!! Something's wrong with your heads and standarts! Plus she's not ugly, maybe you'd call her fat, but if you compare to a female model of now, who isn't? Damn, you're vision of the human body is what isn't normal!! They will grow old, you will grow old and beauty fades away with time. Stop looking for a ephemeral thing and try to be HAPPY with your self!

  • alexa

    idontgetit. i dont get it. him... he is hot... and she... she is defffffinitely not. maybe its personality? maybe he has a weird obsession with fat people? maybe he's using her to get famous. ewhhh she's fat and ugly!!!!!! and no, kelly, you're not "normal" - you're a f*cking walrus.

  • Saddu

    This is harsh so I apologize beforehand but she looks like she has down syndrome. :S

  • noah

    1. There's no way that her fiancé is a male model.
    2. There's no way that is Kelly Osbourne. I'm no zoologist, but I'm pretty sure that's a god damn manatee.