Rihanna Touches Down in Barbados

Rihanna arrived in her homeland of Barbados on Friday, after bouncing around between the East and West coasts for the last couple of weeks.

“She’s home,” the “Disturbia singer’s father, Ronald Fenty, tells People magazine. “She is in good spirits. And she sounds great.”

Judging from her demeanor as she exited the airport, however, Rihanna—whose boyfriend, Chris Brown, will be arraigned in Los Angeles on Monday after allegedly beating her in February—is maintaining a cautious optimism.

Sporting sunglasses, bright red lipstick and a sneer, she looked like…well, like a woman who just got a tattoo of a gun and doesn’t intend to be messed with again anytime soon.

The singer—born Robyn Rihanna Fenty—isn’t required to be at Brown’s arraignment, and it’s not known whether she will attend.

Chances are, even if she doesn’t attend, Brown will be able to feel her eyes shooting daggers at him all the way from Barbados.

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