VIDEO: Mickey Rourke Gets Some Puppy Love

It’s often said that the average dog’s mouth has fewer germs than the average human’s mouth. In this case, we can be reasonably sure that’s true.

Always-fashionable Wrestler actor Mickey Rourke was on his way to West Hollywood eatery Cecconi’s on Wednesday night when he encountered a four-legged, furry creature.

Rourke, a dog fanatic who recently called his deceased Chihuahua “the love of my life,” was so excited by the pooch meet-up that he stowed his beer in his back pocket, crouched down next to his new canine friend and asked it for a kiss. And promptly received one.

Which now means that, by one degree of separation, the lucky dog has now kissed half of Hollywood, male and female.

Check out a video of Mickey Rourke’s casual canine encounter, courtesy of Hollywood TV, below:

Hope he brushed his teeth afterward. Mickey too.