Kim Kardashian Offers Khloe Post-‘Apprentice’ Condolences

Khloe Kardashian may have received her walking papers from Donald Trump on last night’s Celebrity Apprentice, but she’ll always have the support of her big sister.

Kim Kardashian comes to Khloe’s defense on her official Web site today, lashing out at The Donald for what she sees as an unfair ouster.

“Last night Donald Trump fired Khloe!” Kardashian writes. “I was a little disappointed at how she was given the boot! Trump fired her after saying he’d lost respect for her because she previously had a DUI. She obviously made an awful mistake but definitely has taken responsibility for her actions and we are all very proud of her.”

(Khloe Kardashian was arrested in July 2008 after violating the conditions of her parole stemming from a DUI arrest. She was released after 173 minutes in custody.)

On last night’s episode, Trump upbraided Kardashian for missing a task because she was required to travel back to Los Angeles to fulfill her DUI classes. But he also laid into Khloe for the DUI itself.

“I hate people who drive under the influence; I really do,” Trump asserted. “When you told me [that Kardashian had received a DUI], I lost a little respect for you…If I had known that you were missing time away from the task because of DUI, you would have never have never been on the show.”

Kim, nonetheless, sticks by her sister’s accomplishments on Celebrity Apprentice. “I am so proud Khloe made it this far!” says Kardashian. “The reason she got fired had nothing to do with her work ethic or her performance on the show!I’m glad she’s home!”

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