Miley Cyrus: No Fan of RPattz

Miley Cyrus: No Fan of RPattz-photo

Attention, Twilight fans: it looks like there's at least one girl that you won't have to compete against to win the heart of vampire heartthrob Robert Pattinson.

In a new interview with Teen Vogue, Miley Cyrus talks love and Pattinson—but not in the same breath. The Hannah Montana star says, "I believe in love at first sight. It just hasn't happened to me," and reveals that the first time she saw current boyfriend Justin Gaston, "I walked right by him. Love doesn't come from attraction, but from somewhere deeper. [Justin] is my best friend."

The singer also admits that she hasn't hopped on the RPattz train. She says, "I'm not a huge Rob Pattinson fan. Girls aren't really in love with Rob; they're in love with Edward."

Does Cyrus also assume that her fans are in love with her Hannah Montana alter-ego, and not her?

Whatever—when you're dating a guy with abs like these, apparently not much else matters!



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  • lahe27

    I don't get what miley is saying! she is not a big rob pattinson fan! ugh! how can you not be. he is so hot, talented and plays edward cullen! he is amazing! i can't see how anybody could put those words together, not big and rob pattinson fan. all put into one sentence doesn't make any sense! well its her loss that she doesn't like him! Love ya Rob! :D

  • Danielle

    Go miley ;) People hatin' on her just 'cause she dont like him! God if she said she liked him your all being sayin' she trying to get twilight fans to like her. God she can have an opinion on something, i mean you cant really love someone you dont know (i.e rob) and really these girls know Edward.

  • emily

    Maybe it was wrong of Miley to assume that "Girls aren't really in love with Rob; they're in love with Edward.", but I totally agree. I'm so glad someone else know's what they're talking about. And in response to something else she said ("I'm not a huge Rob Pattinson fan.") I'm extremely happy that I'm not the only sane person left. Robert Pattinson fans, please don't take this personally, but I think he is digusting. Just look at his hair! Eww. Anyways, I'm sorry if I offended anyone, that's just my opinion, and everyone is entitled to one. (:

  • onnisha

    i mean does she doesnt think that people arent inlove with her just with hannah montanna thats absurd most people probobly like the character but still also like him fo him she has no right saying that because she has no idea she could be in his shoes

  • gothiczinnamon

    you dont know anything lol (twilight quotes) but duhhh i love his personality and i like rob more than edward. edz to pale and stuff but both are gorguz and better lukin than justin ask any1 u just wanna make a scene miley get over urself!! and 2maro i was actually gunna see ur movie rather waste my 10 bucks somewhere else! im serious so wat he doesnt wash and uhhh i barely do i dont smell and im not dirty but who likez being a goody goody two shoes THATS CLEAN for 1! EWWW! i havent brushed my teeth since like march but guess wat? since im a vampire, MY TEETH DONT GET DIRTY! jk but i dont waste 10000 gallons of water to get a speck of dirt of my ass im coming over to ur place and biting u!

  • lishous

    I'm sorry ladies, I'm gonna have to agree with the young slut...Most females don't like Rob Pattinson for himself only the character that Stephenie Meyer created. Although as for myself, I enjoy looking into his beautiful blue eyes. They have so much mystery and creepiness at the same time about them especially with those thick eyebrows. Still he is a very handsome young man with an equally incredible beautifully sexy smile.

  • obsessedcullendisorder

    oh really miley? we also loved rpattz.. edward cullen will not appeared if rpattz will not act..xP

  • hahaha robert hot dont make me laugh
    hahaha robert hot dont make me laugh

    robert is a brte boy or girl mm i dont really know but thet thing make me throw up

  • finally

    someone tells the true edward its ok but robert is GROSS and u little girl need to open the eyes and see hot HORRIBLE he's

  • Maritza

    I not a huge fan of Miley but I think Miley is so right. People are in love with his character, not him. But thats just my opinion. If someone likes Rob for who he is then thats fine. Also Miley talked about love and I think you can't be in love with a movie star(Rob) because you've never met him. He could be some big huge jerk for all we know. And Miley has the right to say what she thinks so don't hate her just because she said that.

  • Dei

    And you know what? Rob isnt perfect, Rob is so so simple, he's very funny and Myley is only trash... Pff, if you compare Rob with the stupid can see the BIG difference. Rob: Cool, funny. Myley: Stupid and bore jaja!! I can smile now!! Now that i know that Myley is please open your eyes people!! Hanna or Edward? Ist so Easy!! either!! Only Robert Pattinson. So...dont compare them...its..embarrasing

  • Dei

    Daa!! So stupid Myley!! Oh my god!! i hate her!! she's so so ...aaaa!! i really hate he Rob is the best person ever yes, i see the movie, yes, i read all the books yes, he is very different than edward cullen but there's another YES!! HE'S BETTER THAN ONLY A CUTE VAMPIRE, HE'S FUNNY, AND SO SO CUTE, I LOVE ROB NOT EDWARD. He's a human, and its more perfet than a stupid teen called Myley Cyrus, she need more attention because Hanna Tontana isnt cool like Edward Cullen. So sorry but i love Rob, and i HATE!! The Stupid Myley.!!

  • whocare

    that is so truuue i agree with miley im in love wih edward not rob

  • Clara

    I've LOVED Rob since HP4, and I'm one of those fans drooling all over their computers when they see his pictures. And I love Twilight. So shut the heck up, marshmallow face.

  • Rosalia

    The country bumpkin needs to shut up... Rob Pattinson is hot FACT. I don't like Edward I like R Pattz I still have my Cedric Diggory shirt from when I was 17 and the goblet of fire came out. I hate Harry Potter I just got the shirt cuz the dude on it was hot and I didn't know who he was at the time.She's just jealous because he'll win an Oscar someday and she never will. I can't stand that this girl is an idol for young girl my day it was Britney Spears and she was at least entertaining... I can go on my Miley rant for hours she's an idiot...

  • mimi4life

    miley i like your music but girl you are out of control.

  • dalloooosh

    That's 100% true. Rob is nothing like Edward. He is supposed 2 be unbelaevbly hoott, and muscler. NOT ROB. THE MOVIE SUCKS, ROB SUCKS, THEY ALL STINK. They ruin the story with their 5 bucks budget movie. ugh, ew!

  • brittanydazzle

    im sorry i think Edward Cullen is a queeeerbait.. kinda a creeper too! i like Robert Pattinson he's so talented he's amazing and don't like him for "Edward Cullen"

  • bianca

    thats soooo true! i agree 100% with what she said. and if girls are getting mad over what she said its only becuz they KNOW its true!

  • aarantxa

    Not everyobody is in love with Robert i love him (L) & Miley is awesome

  • smiley

    MILEY, girl... you're ugly... inside and out. FACT.

  • aly

    go to hell miley!!!!... i love ROB PATTINSON.... and edward... both.. so shut the hell up!!!..

  • natalia

    Wow. I agree with something Miley Cyrus said. And she has the right to say he's not attractive; because he isn't. Any guy could have played Edward and he would have gotten the same amount of attention. And Rob Pattinson would be nothing. So Miley hit the nail on the head.

  • mai

    I'm agree. Wow. That's the first smart thing she's ever said. spokane 7 hrs ago

  • sarah

    she just jealous coz rob hates her

  • anas

    Even Rob says that in interviews, I think it's true for some girls, because their expectations of Edward turned real with rob and after finding out all his other talents, they (we) all just went gaga over him. So it's like a 40/60 thing

  • elisilla

    I don't like her, but she's right! I read the book after watching the movie, and i had Rob's face as the image of Edward. And Edwards it's so perfect that i think lots of girls think Robert is really that perfect. And also she's free to think whatever she wants.

  • evita1500

    These days, all a celebrity has to do to get media attention in Hollywood, is just mention Rob's name... And since Miley has a new movie out, she just wanted to create buzz in the media, that's all...

  • noah

    If these two had a child it would end world poverty. Fact.

  • anonymous

    Miley, don't presume to know why folks like other folks. We don't presume that you're in love with Justin just because of his underwear model physique. To each, his own.

  • mapi

    go to hell miley!!!!... i love ROB PATTINSON.... and edward... both.. so shut the hell up!!!..

  • marystat

    Dang the typos, last sentence was suppose to read big friggin deal. hehe.

  • marystat

    Something tells me that Rob couldn't care less and well I actually prefer Rob over Edward but that's just me and well I am too old to be called a "girl" lol So he's not everyone's cup of tea..who cares really? To each their own I say. Bit friggin deal lol.

  • danybr

    you know,she said something that is completely true:"Girls aren't really in love with Rob; they're in love with Edward.". THAT IS SO TRUE AND I'M GLAD THAT AT LEAST ONE PERSON SAID THAT OUT LOUD!!! But, i don't think that is going to make any diference if she likes him or not. It's not like if he was going to spend a week withou sleep and crying all the time because Miley Cyrus "is not a huge fan".

  • spokane

    Wow. That's the first smart thing she's ever said.