Eminem’s “We Made You” Video: The Inside Scoop

UPDATE: Eminem’s video for “We Made You” is out, and you can see it here, now! Check it out below to see Eminem spoof Bret Michaels, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson, and others!

Eminem’s new comeback music video “We Made You” features scenes with impersonators of today’s most popular ladies, including Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, Amy Winehouse—and of course,  queen of the comeback herself, Britney Spears.

Derrick Barry, made famous for impersonating Britney on America’s Got Talent, was the only drag act cast as one of the impersonators, and he spilled to Celebuzz exclusively about his experience being Britney while working with Eminem.

“Everything we did was improv,” Barry said. “Joseph would tell us what he was thinking for the first shot, and then he would tell us to do what we were thinking, and to just have fun.”

While shooting his scenes, Barry kissed the rapper on the cheek and even punched him in the face.

And despite Eminem’s lyrical trash-talking of the past, he was very professional while working with Barry.

“I was not sure what to expect or how he would treat me, but he signed my CD. He used to poke fun at gay people, but he was very down-to-earth and humble,” Barry reveals. “He was having a good time.”

As for Britney’s reaction to the sexy scenes with Eminem—who famously gave Spears a thorough lyrical tongue-lashing in “The Real Slim Shady”—the top Brit impersonator doesn’t think she will be offended by rapper.

“It doesn’t portray Britney in a bad way. It will make her laugh. I think she’ll just say, ‘That’s really funny…That’s cool.'”

Barry hooked up with Eminem via the video’s director, Joseph Khan, who worked with him on Katy Perry’s music video “Waking Up In Vegas.” Khan jumped on the chance to include Derrick in Em’s first music video from his upcoming album Relapse.

Further cementing the connection between Brit-Brit and the “We Made You” video, Khan has directed three of Britney’s past music videos including “Womanizer,” “Toxic,” and “Stronger” as well as Eminem’s “Without Me.”

Check out the results of the glorious collaboration below: