No Sex Charges for Alex Da Silva

UPDATE: E! Online reports that the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office won’t be filing charges against So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Alex Da Silva—who was arrested this weekend for allegedly sexually assaulting four of his dance students—because they currently lack the evidence to do so.

A district attorney spokesperson says that the Los Angeles police need to investigate further before charges can be filed. The spokesperson adds that a number of new alleged victims have come forward since the arrest, but have not yet been interviewed.

Alex Da Silva, choreographer for the Fox dance-competition series So You Think You Can Dance, was arrested on Saturday after being accused of raping four of his dance students, the Associated Press reports.

Da Silva, 41, who teaches at several Los Angeles dance studios, was taken into custody at a Hollywood studio and booked for investigation of sexual assault, according to Detective John Eum.

The Brazilian-born dancer and choreographer was accused of raping three of his students in 2003, 2004 and 2005, but prosecutors declined to file charges, says Eum. However, after a fourth woman stepped forward on March 28 with a similar story to the other dancers, police reopened the cases.

Da Silva’s latest accuser says that he lured her to his home, persuaded her to enter his bedroom, and sexually assaulted her.

“These four women don’t know each other at all, yet their reports read basically the same,” says Eum, who adds that one of the accusers was a minor at the time of the alleged assault.

“We’re almost sure there are probably other victims out there and we hope they’ll come forward,” Eum notes.

Da Silva is expected to make his first court appearance on Sunday.