Robert Downey Jr.: Totally Smokin’ on the ‘Iron Man 2′ Set

How does Robert Downey Jr. prepare to play industrialist-turned-crimefighter Iron Man?

Apparently, by taking a few hearty puffs on a stogie.

The actor—who just turned 44 with a massive birthday bash on Saturday—showed up on the Los Angeles set of Iron Man 2 for the first day of filming on Monday wearing impressive heels (use our Zoom feature to get a closer look), carrying a box with an Iron Man logo, and clutching a cigar in his mouth.

Which probably won’t win him any love from the anti-smoking zealots of the world, but you have to give the guy bravery points for smoking anything on a movie set. While filming a scene for Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes flick last year, Downey suffered a pipe mishap that set his crotch ablaze.

Besides, as Downey’s arrest record attests, a little cigar smoke is far from the most harmful thing that the guy has ever put in his body.