Robert Pattinson Experiences a Pain In the Arse

Have you ever wanted to hear the one-and-only Robert Pattinson talk about his butt? Well folks, today is definitely your lucky day!

The Twilight star recently told the British edition of Cosmopolitan about a particular injury from the first day on the set of the vampire flick. He admits, “I got injured on the first shot of my first day on Twilight. I lifted [co-star] Kristen [Stewart] and ripped my arse cheek. I had to get a bum massage for the cheek.”

Oh, do tell us more! Can’t you just picture him saying “arse cheek” in his sexy, British accent? And what would you have given to be the masseuse on set?

Tell us what you think about Rob’s booty injury in the comments! Mmm, mmm mmm!