Robert Pattinson Experiences a Pain In the Arse

Robert Pattinson Experiences a Pain In the Arse-photo

Have you ever wanted to hear the one-and-only Robert Pattinson talk about his butt? Well folks, today is definitely your lucky day!

The Twilight star recently told the British edition of Cosmopolitan about a particular injury from the first day on the set of the vampire flick. He admits, "I got injured on the first shot of my first day on Twilight. I lifted [co-star] Kristen [Stewart] and ripped my arse cheek. I had to get a bum massage for the cheek."

Oh, do tell us more! Can't you just picture him saying "arse cheek" in his sexy, British accent? And what would you have given to be the masseuse on set?

Tell us what you think about Rob's booty injury in the comments! Mmm, mmm mmm!



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  • obsessedcullendisorder

    toinx..haha..lolz well, no comment haha.. i just want to say kristen and robert forever.. lolz!xD

  • carmen

    it seems the person who wrote this article.. absolutely lovess robert !! he/she seems more exited while writing it than the person who's actually reading it ! haha

  • crittel

    Who would not want to massage that ass!!! He could literally be massaged by women across the world for the rest of his life....they would pay him....he could make a living off of being massaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brittanydazzle

    haha that just made my day (: what a cool cat :P

  • cb007

    From one cute "British Arse" (mine) to anothers cute "British Arse" Robert Ps, I hope we meet one day. I'll massage yours, if you massage mine.

  • edwardandbella1901

    I hope he had a great time what is Kristen that hevy

  • aarantxa


  • angelicious

    aawwww... i wish he would come back to london... so we could have a chance to bump into him someday...

  • rachel

    man he is soooo HOT! and he probleey has a nice ASS

  • M

    Ohh c'mon those are old news.. he's told that story thousands of times so has Kristen.. you can watch the moviefone's unscriptted interview they mention the incident there too. Still hot though

  • evita1500

    I would definetely wish I had given him that massage!!!

  • lyd

    i want to know who rubbed it !!! what a story she/he tells!

  • ludmila

    lol that's funny n' sexy too

  • danybr

    I have something to say: I HAVE A BUTT TO AND SO DO YOU!(it even what ever. that's not going to change or add anything in my life.