Ha-Ha Beats Hot-Hot in Attraction Wars

Here’s one more reason for hot-but-humorless guys not to laugh—a new study reveals that a sense of humor may trump looks when it comes to attracting women.

The Daily Mail reports that psychologist Kristofor McCarty asked a test group of 45 women to rate the personalities described in a number of singles’ ads—some real, some created for the study.

McCarty found that  the men in the humorous advertisements were deemed more intelligent, more honest and better material for a relationship among his female subjects. “There was a kind of halo effect. The funny guys appear to be getting everything,” McCarty says. “For a man that doesn’t look like Brad Pitt, it gives them a bit of hope.”

Which may explain why, for example, David Spade does so well with the ladies, despite his decidedly non-Adonis appearance.

Have your say in the comments section: Do you prefer funny-but-plain men, or stone-faced hunks like the generally humorless Gossip Girl heartthrob Chace Crawford?

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