Rihanna Spends Time With A Sick Fan

Rihanna has plenty on her mind these days, but she nonetheless took time out to give one of her loyal fans the biggest surprise of her life on April 2 in New York City.

Jasmina Anema, a six-year-old leukemia patient at NYU’s Medical Center, was absolutely elated when the pop star walked into her hospital room last Thursday afternoon. People reports that Anema exclaimed, “She’s really here!,” with Rihanna saying back, “You are such a beautiful little girl.”

Rihanna’s scheduled visit was only supposed to last an hour, but the 21-year-old was so enamored with Jasmina that she stayed for more than three hours. The two spent the time talking, playing around, even dancing to Rihanna’s hit songs “Umbrella” and “Please Don’t Stop the Music.”

Katharina Harf, the executive vice president of bone-marrow donor registry DKMS Americas—which is helping the young girl to find a match—said, “Jasmina loves Rihanna. And Rihanna fell in love with Jasmina.” Harf explained that while the two danced around the room, “Jasmina showed Rihanna all her special ‘moves’ and tried to teach her how to do them.”

Rihanna first found out about Jasmina’s illness when she saw the heart-breaking video that Jasmina’s mother, Karen Detrick, and Jasmina’s best friend, Isabelle Huurman, made in an effort to find a blood donor for their loved one. Rihanna was so moved by the video that she made a shout-out for donors on People’s website, which elicited over 4,000 responses.

Rihanna said she would have loved to visit even longer with Jasmina, but the little girl fell asleep at 8 p.m. After the visit, RiRi said, “Jasmina is such a vibrant and amazing little girl, so full of life. It breaks my heart to see her go through this difficult sickness.”

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