VIDEO: Robert Pattinson's Hairy Situation in 'Little Ashes'

VIDEO: Robert Pattinson's Hairy Situation in 'Little Ashes'-photo

Holy hairpiece, Robert Pattinson!

A new clip from the Twilight stud's upcoming film, Little Ashes, has emerged, and from the looks of things RPattz is keeping the wig department pretty busy.

Combined with his frilly shirt, Rob's wild tresses make him look like quite the dandy. Check him out, portraying pre-moustache Salvador Dali in the clip below:

Have your say in the comments section: What do you think of RPattz's Little Ashes look?



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  • raivo

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  • Magdalena Howland
    Magdalena Howland

    I luv him (drool drool)

  • Chris

    Yes, the man can do no wrong in the eyes of his fans!!! He could play any role and we would all go in droves to see it!!!!!! It's a pretty amazing thing to witness, the dedication is phenomenal. I wish he would drop a line about how much he loves environmental protection or how much he loves feeding starving children ;)

  • cb007

    Robert. You were starting to worry me with that hairy thing under you nose, BUT still a SPUNK. P.S The side bits are that long, I'm surprised they didn't poke your eyes out. LOL

  • angelicious

    so unfair that he never looks bad (just the opposite)... WHEN IS HE COMING BACK TO LONDON?

  • edwardizmine

    woot woot! my man looks better in every photo,video...who cares he always looks good and has a sense of humour which is pretty much what a man is all about

  • sam

    rob is great actor!!