Zac Efron Is a Cheap Date

With his successful acting career, Zac Efron can afford to take in a movie once in a while.

But in these uncertain economic times, even an in-demand heartthrob needs to find ways to cut back on his entertainment budget.

Efron tells Extra that he and his sweetie, High School Musical co-star Vanessa Hudgens, enjoy sneaking into movies when they go out on a date.

“That’s probably like, the best thing to do,” Efron admits. “We just don’t go on a Friday night or Saturday night…it’ll be like 9 a.m. on a Tuesday.”

Depriving movie studios of hard-earned income?

Shame on you, Zac! Hugh Jackman would not be proud, young man!

Efron also speaks out about another pressing topic: His free-and-easy hairstyle.

“It’s really derived from laziness. It’s cool,” Zac offers. “I sleep on it, wake up and then walk outside. It would be funny if it took four hours to do. It doesn’t.”

Smart plan, Zac. After all, think of how much money you save on hair products!