Jen Aniston: Sitting Pretty On $27 Million

Jen Aniston: Sitting Pretty On $27 Million-photo

Jennifer Aniston may not be the luckiest girl relationship-wise, but, boy, is she raking in the dough!

Parade Magazine just released their annual list of Celebrity Salaries, and the 40-year-old made a whopping $27 million in 2008, the same amount she made in 2007. The actress had a surprise hit this year with her film Marley and Me with Owen Wilson.

Other notable celebs on the list include:

  • Taylor Swift: $5.5 million (double what Britney Spears made!)
  • Tiger Woods: $110 million (solid-gold putters for everyone!)
  • Will Ferrell: $31 million
  • Kelly Ripa: $8 million
  • Alex Rodriguez: $34 million
  • Tyler Perry: $125 million
  • Beyonce: $80 million

Alright, that's enough for one day.

Tell us in the comments section: Are you surprised by any of these numbers? Let us know!



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  • game

    She will die with big bucks

  • carol

    Jen is not lonely. She is wanting on the right one and keeping her-self busy with the wrong ones. Woman got yo do what a woman has to do!! love it

  • SaRita

    Yes jennifer aniston made 27 millions, but she's lonely!