Octomom: Ready to Get Real?

Uh-oh; Kim Kardashian’s not going to like this.

First Nadya “Octomom” Suleman stole her look. Now the super-breeder is preparing to follow Kim’s footsteps and become a reality TV star.

People magazine reports that Suleman and her attorney, Jeffery Czech, have met with four production companies and are set to meet with execs at an undisclosed network within the next few days, in an effort to land Suleman a reality-series deal.

“There’s some decisions for her to make over the next few days. I think she’s heard enough,” Czech says of the potential deal. “Like anyone else, she wants to be portrayed in a positive light and she feels she needs to do something to get her side out.”

Czech says that most of the ideas for the series revolve around following Suleman as she deals with the trials of her everyday life. Octomom learns to drive a 14-passenger van! Octomom goes on a date! Octomom plans a big family Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner!

“For the most part, the idea is generally to follow her and her family around when the babies get a little older,” Czech says.

Czech adds that, while his client has tired of the publicity surrounding her multiple births, she also wants to be able to support her children without the aid of public assistance.

Well, at least someone’s finding work these days. Is that all it takes?

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