Rob Pattinson’s a Real Drag

Robert Pattinson has demonstrated that he knows how to pretty up for the camera in recent photoshoots for GQ and Dossier magazines, but his latest revelation might be taking things a wee bit too far.

The New Moon actor admitted to British Glamour that he once dressed up as a transsexual prostitute in an effort to land a film role.

He confessed, “I had an audition to play a transsexual prostitute and thought I’d be the only person going for it, so I went out of my way and put loads of make-up and women’s clothing on. When I walked into the audition and saw all these guys sitting with there in bad drag, it was the most ridiculous thing ever.”

Yeah Rob, that is pretty ridiculous. But your new favorite food over in Vancouver is pretty CRAZY too.

Oh Rob, what are we going to do with you?

Readers, we want to know: What would you give to see a picture of Rob in drag?