'Sex and the City' Sequel Details Leaked

'Sex and the City' Sequel Details Leaked-photo

Attention, SATC fanatics—thanks to some blabbermouth, you can get a jump on the Sex and the City sequel before its May 2010 release date.

A source has revealed several plot details to Life and Style magazine, some unexpected, some not.

First, the obvious: Carrie Bradshaw and Big's union is headed for rocky waters.

"Their marriage is going to face lots of challenges," the tattletale reveals. "Big will be tempted by a younger colleague. It’s a juicy role for whoever they wind up casting."

Marital trouble? Maybe Sarah Jessica Parker can draw from personal experience in preparing for that one?

All this assumes, of course, that Big actor Chris Noth will be in the sequel. As of this week, he has yet to sign on for the project. Guess he has trouble committing in real life too.

The mole adds that Samantha Jones will also have her share of woes.

"The proposed story line for Samantha will be her having to downsize her big-spending life after some of her investments get wiped out," says the source. "You will see her having to survive on a more modest budget but still staying true to her fabulous taste."

Welcome to the club, sister.

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  • SATCfan

    I have enjoyed the series from the very first moments I sat down and watched the four girls struggling to find what they are looking for in life. The last movie was a little predictable and a little way off in left field. I agree that Steve would never have cheated on Miranda, especially after everything Miranda has done to help with his mother. Steve was the kindhearted, loyal man that made a great father and husband. He would have been more devoted to trying to fix the problem than letting it lead him to cheating. Look back to the series for Steve's antics when it comes to solving relationship problems with Miranda. Next, the wedding of Carrie and Big. This was a disappointment. They were both very stubborn and over reacted a bit. Carrie couldn't find her phone and Big sat outside waiting for a while in his car, whatever. This is the same man who flew to Paris to convince her he wanted her back. The same man who bought Carrie a plane ticket to Napa, who took Carrie to the hospital in a horse drawn carriage when Brady was born. He wouldn't have just sat out there. Getting married at city hall...That's a little out of character as well. Charlotte pregnant, well, that was to be expected and she did so well with here role. Samantha breaking up with Smith, that was to be expected, I guess. But after the relationship with Richard and the way Smith came back early to say I love you in the series and the way he helped her get through her struggle with breat cancer, I really don't see him not making an effort to let the raltionship be about them and not about his career. Seriously. The writer's threw the last movie together. THey should have sat down and watched the whole six seasons before they let that movie hit the big screen and now they are scrambling to put something together for a sequel.

  • *sigh*

    I'll probably see it because I am a masochist. (I'm an old time fan of the Simpsons who is still watching, if that is any indication.) The film was so problematic that it practically undid any good created by show (which had a certain level of brilliance, imho.) I still don't believe the idea that Steve cheated on Miranda. Anyone who has paid attention to characters throughout the seasons will know he just wouldn't do that. I'm definitely not looking forward to this movie, but I'll get up the nerve to see it eventually.

  • A angry ex-fan of SATC
    A angry ex-fan of SATC

    English is not my mother tongue.therefore, please excuse my grammar! I "was" a huge fan of Sex and the City before I saw that "lousy film version"!I even bought all seriese DVD! However,after I saw that "sex and the city : the movie 1" . It's really offensive and superficial so I've thrown away all DVDs to the trash can! the movie 1 of SATC's screenwriter is a super idiot to totally destory the original spirit of Sex and the City!!! so,about movie 2 of SATC.I've determined "NOT" to see this film if the movie 2 let Carrie to"forgive" that trash husband, "cheat MR. Big" as the "stupid Miranda" to "forgive" that "stupid cheat Steve". (what a most stupid decision of Miranda!!!)In that case, I'll ask all my girlfriends "NOT" to see this stupid sequel!

  • samanthachantal

    Since you so kindly ask, the answer’s emphatically no. I hated the last one (2 hours and 22 minutes of misogynist turgidity) mostly because of its utter lack of wit, edge and spark and its theme that a woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle. And from what’s being leaked about the next one, the very real talents of the fab four will be wantonly wasted again. I guess it’s just too much to ask that they hire a real writer and a real director to make a film worthy of the women!

  • carolhotpink

    I cant wait to see it ;)))