Kanye West Wants to Energize You

Kanye West may be working on getting that whole ego thing in check, but his quest to slap his name on as many products as humanly possible continues unabated.

The 808s & Heartbreak rapper has signed on with energy-drink company Guru to create, as the company’s press release notes, “a new beverage for the company inspired by his unique artistic vision.”

“I express myself through music, fashion, art and design and that’s why I am excited to collaborate with Guru,” West says of the new venture. “Because the brand values what I value, and I can put what inspires me into this new product.”

West had better chug a bunch of the stuff, because that’s far from the only iron he has in the fire. As the good people at Gabby Babble point out, Kanye’s also hounding Nike to let him design his own sportswear line.

West has already collaborated with the company to create the Nike Air Yeezys footwear line, which has done well since debuting last Saturday. And in West’s mind, that apparently means one thing: Expand the brand!

“I’m going to keep coming up with ideas, but I do want to state in black and white that somebody needs to give me a f*cking chance. Don’t just one-off me!” West says. “If Nike gave me the opportunity to be in there creating—not that they don’t already have genius designers like Hiroshi (Fujiwara)—I’m not saying that I think I’m the best designer in the world, but what I’m saying is that I think I can become that.”

Go get ‘em, Kanye! And keep the products coming. Can’t wait for the Kanye West signature line of Snuggies to hit the market!

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