Report: LiLo Got Li-Loaded Over the Weekend

Lindsay Lohan reportedly continued to drown her sorrows the best way she knows how this weekend, by partying until the wee hours of the night.

OK! Magazine reports that the veteran of multiple rehab stints attended a Hollywood Hills birthday party on Friday evening, where a guest reported, “People were pouring vodka into her red party cup all night. She was way beyond incoherent. She was totally smashed and couldn’t even form a sentence. She looked so lonely and lost.”

Meanwhile, ex-girlfriend Sam Ronson was spinning at a DJ gig in San Francisco’s Castro District. Radar Online is reporting that Sam was in high spirits, at one point doing a shout-out to her former lover, followed by the lyrics: “Na na na na, hey, hey, goodbye.”

Everyone has their own way of dealing with heartbreak. Some people get wasted, some people invest their time in work and go to coffee with Benji Madden. To each their own!

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