VIDEO: Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo Get Their Pre-Easter Dinner On

Saturday night was a family affair—plus one potential future in-law—for the Simpson clan, as Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, Joe Simpson and Tony Romo had a pre-Easter dinner at Eva Longoria’s restaurant Beso.

Abandoning her tropical bag-lady look in favor of floral-patterned thingie, Jess appeared to be more reserved than usual as she entered the restaurant on the arm of her man. Check out the video, courtesy of, below:

Jess was apparently so inspired by the meal that she later posted an inspirational passage on the fan site

“Why do we let the sun SET with its beauty, then find ourselves ugly,” the passage ponders. “Didn’t God, whoever he may be to you, create both? If a sunset is beautiful, then so are we.

Love yourself morning, noon, and night.

Sunrise. Sunset.

Xo jess”

Wow. Now those are words to keep in mind. Unlike, apparently, the words to Simpson’s country-music songs.