Bravo Green-Lights ‘Project Runway’ Knock-Off, New Jackie Warner Project

Has Bravo found someone to fill Heidi Klum’s really big shoes?

The Hollywood Reporter says that the channel has approved a new show that’s suspiciously similar to Project Runway.

Launch My Line—originally titled Celebrity Sew Off—will feature a gang of famous contestants vying to launch their own clothing lines. Each celeb will be paired with a fashion expert who will help to bring the line to fruition.

What, celebrities need a reality show to launch their own clothing lines now? In an age wen even K-Fed is putting out kids’ fashions?

Project Runway, of course, is moving on to the Lifetime channel, after being kept in legal limbo for months.

Bravo is also going forward with a new show for Work Out star Jackie Warner, entitled Jackie’s Gym Takeover, in which she will attempt to revitalize failing fitness facilities.

Have your say in the comments section: Will you watch Launch My Line, or does your loyalty to Project Runway run too deep?