Jade Goody’s Husband Goes Indirectly to Jail, Does Not Collect $200

With his deceased wife, cancer-stricken reality star Jade Goody, finally laid to rest, Jack Tweed began his 12-week sentence on Tuesday for attacking a taxi driver, People magazine reports.

Tweed, whose jail stay had been postponed so he could attend Goody’s March 22 funeral, was found guilty in March of assaulting taxi driver Steven Wilkins.

During the May 2008 incident, Tweed, 21, put Wilkins in a headlock and threatened to stab him after being asked to pay the fare in advance, according to testimony during Tweed’s trial.

Assault is apparently a habit of Tweed’s; in September 2008 he received an 18-month sentence for hitting a 16-year-old boy with a golf club in December 2006. After serving four months of the sentence, Tweed was released in January and married Goody a month later.