Jenna Jameson Blogs About Birthin' Babies

Jenna Jameson Blogs About Birthin' Babies-photo

Adult-film legend Jenna Jameson is really relishing her transition from XXX to MOM.

The 35-year-old former porn star, who gave birth to twin boys Jesse and Journey Jett with her boyfriend, UFC fighter Tito Ortiz, on March 16, took to her celebrity MySpace page on Monday to talk about the joys of childbirth.

"I was blessed with a very easy labor, it lasted about 2 hours," Jameson writes. "When it came to pushing them out, I truly believe the 500 sit ups a day paid off. I was able to push my 5 pound Jesse out in 5 pushes. Journey who was 4lb 11oz was out in 3 pushes. I loved the whole process of being pregnant and I hope to have another baby someday."

Hmm; blabbing to the world about the number of pushes it took to give birth to your twins?

Forget XXX; this may be a case of TMI.



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  • Rabbi Henschi
    Rabbi Henschi

    I've never watched pornography, nor have I seen Ms. Jameson before this news that she has given birth to two sons. However, it would make sense that this was not the first time that she had two young men inside of her at the same time. Also, I GOOGLED photos of her and see that she was once much more attractive. She has onviously had a lot of cosmetic surgery done to her face and she looks hard and unattractive. Very unnatural. But, if she is happy and her baby sons are healthy, God bless her.

  • noah

    what's a love canal? It's where the stork delivers his babies.

  • noah

    I'm sorry, but I'm so used to things going INTO Jenna's love canal that the idea of anything coming OUT of it makes me giggle.

  • charliemurphy

    HA! Jenna, you're trying to convince us that it was the sit-up regimen that helped you push out those babies so effortlessly? REALLY?!

    I'm willing to wager my unemployment check that the sit-ups had nothing to do with it. Pretty sure they popped right out because of your massively loose vagina. I'm not trying to be mean, just realistic: According to the International Adult Film Database you've had more than 500 bones buried in you. That's enough hot beef to start your own deli & meat market.

    Hell, your vagina is so wide I bet those twins probably experienced some G-forces during their free-fall from the womb.