Mariah Carey Pregnancy Rumors: Blame It On The Clothes

Ever since Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon got married a year ago, pregnancy rumors have surrounded the pair.

On Easter Sunday, Mariah was spotted in a tight, peach dress with her hubby, a dress which wasn’t too flattering, to say the least. This prompted many to speculate whether or not she was expecting.

And that was somthing that Mimi just wouldn’t stand for.

Mariah took to her Twitter shortly after seeing the photographs, saying, “Looking at some paparazzi shots from Easter. Hello! Who follows a couple to their family’s/in laws house on Easter! I don’t know what was worse, the bleak angles and bright peach dress just to be festive(we had fun!) Or the b.s. commentary/blogs.”

Then she addressed the weight gain, saying, “And if I gained a few pounds.. My trainers back living w/me again..yippie.”

At least she’s honest about a little holiday weight gain and poor stylists. It happens to all of us!

Let us know in the comments: do you think the tabloids should lay off stars for gaining a few pounds?