Shia LaBeouf: Handsome But Not So Handy

Shia LaBeouf is finally speaking out about that terrible hand injury he recieved from his July 2008 DUI accident, in which his car flipped several times.

He told Entertainment Weekly that his hand will never be fully recovered, perhaps only to “80-something percent.” He’s already had extensive surgery on the hand. “I’ve had screws and plates put in,” he says. “And they shaved a piece of bone off my hip and made a [bone for my] finger out of it.”

He added, “I’m on my third surgery. That’s coming up in a week or two [from April 2]. My middle finger is still crooked as a f—ing noodle, so they’ve gotta straighten it out and put a screw in it.”

On top of all the surgeries, Shia had to return to work soon after his accident, on the set of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. He explained, “It’s hard to do anything. It’s hard to button your pants or brush your teeth, let alone jump off a three-story building into a pad,” says LaBeouf. “This movie was the most physical thing I’ve ever had to do, and I had to do it with a broken hand. Constantly having to take hits and fall and run through explosions and get hit and beat up all day.”

Lifes tough, Shia. Get a helmet. Or a hand cast and a designated driver!