Shia LaBeouf: Handsome But Not So Handy

Shia LaBeouf: Handsome But Not So Handy-photo

Shia LaBeouf is finally speaking out about that terrible hand injury he recieved from his July 2008 DUI accident, in which his car flipped several times.

He told Entertainment Weekly that his hand will never be fully recovered, perhaps only to "80-something percent." He's already had extensive surgery on the hand. "I've had screws and plates put in," he says. "And they shaved a piece of bone off my hip and made a [bone for my] finger out of it."

He added, "I'm on my third surgery. That's coming up in a week or two [from April 2]. My middle finger is still crooked as a f---ing noodle, so they've gotta straighten it out and put a screw in it."

On top of all the surgeries, Shia had to return to work soon after his accident, on the set of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. He explained, "It's hard to do anything. It's hard to button your pants or brush your teeth, let alone jump off a three-story building into a pad," says LaBeouf. "This movie was the most physical thing I've ever had to do, and I had to do it with a broken hand. Constantly having to take hits and fall and run through explosions and get hit and beat up all day."

Lifes tough, Shia. Get a helmet. Or a hand cast and a designated driver!



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  • Lee

    Shia, I just read what you said about your hand and all of the surgery's you'll have to go through. I just wanted to let you know that I have been through more accidents than you care to know, but two of the worst one's were when I was 19 and 28 years old. I was pregnant with my daughter when a 16 year old boy ran a red light and hit me. I was beat up pretty bad and so was my unborn child. I spent 15 Months recovering, and two visits a week with my daughter's doctor to make sure I wouldn't loose her, I survived that as did my daughter. Then when I was 28 another person at work caused me to fall, I had lost 90% of the Meniscus in my right knee, and after the surgery I was diagnosed with a nerve disease and was told I would never walk again! However after a couple of day's of soul searching, I was determined no one was going to tell me I couldn't walk! After all my daughter was only 8 years old and I had been through tougher times with her before she was born. We had our whole lives ahead of us, so I wasn't going to give up. I still have the disease 10 years later and I go through many surgery's every year as well as the medication I have to take, too just get thought a day, but I am walking and as of a couple of months ago I was still working! I haven't given up on my-self and neither had God or my family, thanks to them it makes it a little bit better every day for me. My brother's love to ride motor cycle's, and when one of them turned 21 he was killed 23Dec85 by a freak accident on his bike on the freeway. That didn't stop my other brother's from keeping their love of bike's and their live of riding them from them. One night on my brother's way home just 2 miles away, his friend was behind him in a truck, and there was a lady at a stop sign who didn't see the bike's headlight's just the trucks, and she pulled out almost killing my other brother. His ankle was shattered, I mean 15 Surgery's Shattered in as many as two years! But for the past 18 years he still has problems with it but he still rides his bike and is a very good Mechanic, he has 3 children he is raising on his own as well. All I'm trying too say is if his ankle was shattered so bad and he can walk on it now, you will heal and be able to use your hand if you never give up on your-self and God! May he bless you always, and let you be safe if when by your-self or driving with friend's in your vehicle. God Bless You Shia!

  • agatha

    ah poor poor guy.

  • alavanille

    love him, love his sense of humor, and love his acting. hope the surgeries go well.

  • Faith

    Poor guy. With all that happening, and all the BS he got from the media and douche bag gossip sites for something that wasn't his fault, he sure was a trooper about it. I don't blame him one bit for avoiding the media the way he does now.

  • Halle

    Aw man, that sucks that he has to have all these surgeries and all these objects put into his body... he's so young, too... but I'd help him through it if he wanted me to. ;)

  • bawwow

    i'll be that 20% he needs

  • stellabella

    poor shia. :(