VIDEO: Kendra Wilkinson Is Mad Stylin’

Kendra Wilkinson may not yet have mastered the fine art of mailing a letter, but when it comes to looking sexy she’s a woman of many talents.

As this behind-the-scenes video filmed at her recent photo-shoot at JSquared Studios demonstrates, the former Girls Next Door girl isn’t just a pretty face, she’s a wardrobe specialist too.

“This is my shoot and everything, so I get to style myself,” Wilkinson notes. “These are all my shoes. Not a stylist’s shoes—my shoes!”

And wouldn’t you know, she does a bang-up job of it too. Will the wonders never cease?

But that’s not the only revelation Wilkinson delivers in the video; she also explains that her breasts are “way too big to be serious.”

How’s that? Watch and find out for yourself. We know you’re in no mood for reading when there’s a sexy Kendra Wilkinson video to be gawked at:

Highly educational, is it not? Of course it is.

Be sure to visit Kendra’s official Web site to bone up further on all things Wilkinson.