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  • Tifferific

    Does everyone in the world have to ruin EVERYTHING for EVERYONE!!?? Really! Get over yourself. Pete and Ash rock! They are wonderful parents to want to expose their child to Disney and for the name! Seriously! Just shut up! His name is cute!! Even though I was all for Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz IV :D

  • John

    I also wanted to add that it's kinda sad how some parents (especially the less educated ones) let their very young kids - even toddlers - watch the Transformers cartoons and all those other animated shows that are supposed to be for older kids not preschoolers. Then they wonder why their little angels grow up to be aggressive and get into problems with other kids at school and why they seek out violent tv shows and video games at such young ages. It's refreshing to see that Ashlee (who's hottttt) and her rocker hubby are letting their kid just be a kid.

  • John

    The room looks very nice and I'd do something like this for my 4 year old kid if I'd had the money. We recently moved and he has his own room now. Since we don't have that kind of cash, my wife and I painted the ceiling very light sky blue and then painted white clouds over the light blue. For the walls we painted them light green and bought a Pooh wall border. The electric sockets are also Pooh themed. It looks great and we did it for real cheap.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    sorry to break it to everyone but the Jungle Book wasn't written or created by Disney (though the cartoon is pretty fantastic and i am also a huge fan of most disney stuff!!). But have to say that a writer named Rudyard Kipling wrote the book in the 1800's. Mowgli is not a creation by Disney! Yes, I'm sure these two brainiacs had Kipling in mind when they named their kid Mowgli. They'll probably name the next one Gunga DIn. Nice to see the kid's room is already covered in Pooh, though.

  • noah

    Mowgli is not a creation by Disney! You probably tell little kids the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause aren't real. Meanie.