Michael Jackson Brings Gavel Down on Auction

If you’ve been in the market for a crystal-encrusted white glove or a gold throne lately…sorry, you’ll probably be waiting a little longer.

The BBC reports that an auction that would have sold off these and some other 1,400 items of Michael Jackson memorabilia has been called off, after the King of Pop reached an agreement with the auction house.

The auction, featuring hundreds of items from Jackson’s infamous Neverland Ranch, was due to occur next week. However, Jack-O’s production company sued the auction house and, after the two parties reached a settlement, it was agreed that the items will be returned to Jackson.

Financial difficulties had forced Jackson to sell part-ownership of Neverland next year. Apparently, though, Jackson’s sold-out, 50-date string of concerts at London’s O2 arena put the “Thriller” singer back in financial good graces.

He’s probably breaking out the Jesus juice in celebration right now.