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  • ashley

    i hate the bitch she is a big fat slut ,hoe ,and needs 2 act her age not like no lo-life porn star but the thing is she could have just sliped something on do go to a friends house 2 go 2 the pool or somethin MILEY IS A HOEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!UGLY HOE/BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • melzyt

    that time she was "running looking like she was heading to a lingerie shoot" she was in a bikini after doing a car wash running back to her car/house to get something. since when is wearing a bikini top (and covering herself up with a baggy shirt) illegal? don't take things out of context and leave the poor girl alone!

  • 8=D

    shes hot

  • Julia

    Seriously, the girl gets enough sh*t already. Maybe she was just running to her car to get something, you don't even know. Leave the poor girl alone.

  • sigh

    *live, not leave

  • Sigh

    How do we even know if she was jogging. Many Disney stars leave on the same block like Demi Lovato. Maybe she was running to her house. What is up with you posting every damn thing occurring in Miley's life? Next you're gonna tell me when she's taking a crap! THIS ISN'T IMPORTANT...

  • candace

    go to hell hater miley has been through enough already so leave her alone