'Grey's Anatomy': Someone's Getting Hitched

'Grey's Anatomy': Someone's Getting Hitched-photo

Looks like the wedding bells will be ringing on Grey's Anatomy soon.

Grey's stars Patrick Dempsey, Katherine Heigl (whose character apparently still hasn't been killed off), Eric Dane, Justin Chambers and Ellen Pompeo were all gussied up this week, shooting a wedding scene for an upcoming episode.

Have your say in the comments section: Who do you think is getting married on Grey's Anatomy?



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  • Emily

    I bet it will be Calli and Arizona. Calli promised her father a wedding for her mother a while back, and they seem devoted! I think that would be the best Grey's wedding couple right now!

  • bontybahr

    ahh Patrick Dempsey is so handsome... who thinks and Katherine Heigl would make a good couple? Women's Electric Shavers

  • sarah

    i think maybe lexi and sloan...i thot it would be derek and meridith bt it doesnt look like it from these pictures or maybe christina and dr hunt or maybe callie and somebody??

  • AJ

    It's Alex and Izzie getting married. That's going to be such an emotional moment. Love them!

  • argentina

    denny duquette and izzie! ¿? the only GOOD thing about the serie

  • tashcullen

    I hope its Dr McDreamy and Meredith! :) They are perfect!