Kendra Wilkinson Lets It Slide

Yes, it’s crazy, but true: Kendra Wilkinson excels at sliding down metal poles.

The former Girls Next Door girl and current bride-to-be helped judge the 3rd Annual Powersliding Championships at the Santa Monica Pier in Southern California on Thursday. And, being a grab-the-bull-by-the horns kind of gal, she just couldn’t help but show the contestants how it’s done.

The Powersliding Championships, sponsored by Levi’s and dubbed “a spectacle of stupidity and gravity” by some, tests the public’s ability to slide down handrails while wearing denim jeans.

Other celebrity judges for the event included Olympic gold medalist skier Jonny Moseley and Jackass daredevil Jason “Wee Man” Acuna. Because the world can always use a little Wee Man.