‘New Moon’: The Cast Is Complete

Attention, New Moon fanatics; after much conjecture and not a few false alarms, Summit Entertainment has solidified the cast for the upcoming Twilight sequel.

Among the new additions to the already confirmed cast members—such as Canadian beauty Noot Seear in the role of Heidi—according to E! Online:

  • Cameron Bright, known for his work in Thank You for Smoking and X-Men: The Last Stand, will be filling the role of Volturi clan member Alec.


  • Graham Greene, who was nominated for an Academy Award for his supporting role in Dances With Wolves, will be playing Quileute leader Harry Clearwater.


  • Jamie Campbell Bower, who moviegoers will also be seeing in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, has been tapped for the part of Volturi member Caius.


  • Daniel Cudmore, also known as Colossus in the X-Men franchise, takes on the role of Volturi member Felix.


  • Christopher Heyerdahl (The Chronicles of Riddick) will add to his credits as Marcus.


  • Tinsel Korey, known for Into the West, will play Sam Uley’s fiancée Emily.

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