VIDEO: Alex Meraz Talks ‘New Moon,’ Chris Weitz…and Shirtlessness

The burdens of fame can be trying indeed. For Alex Meraz—who’s playing the part of wolf pack member Paul in the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon, for instance, rising stardom means exposing his buff body to the harsh Canadian climate.

“It’s pretty cold in Vancouver,” Meraz tells Access Hollywood. “And I have no shirt on, sometimes no shoes and just cutoff shorts. I think the real acting is coming in and trying to act like I’m warm.”

Not that he’s complaining. Meraz is quick to point out that, chilly temperatures aside, he’s been warmed by the love sent his way by the legions of Twilight fans. “The fans are fantastic,” Meraz enthuses. “They’re so loyal to anyone who gets involved with the project, so I’m really lucky.”

Also helping Meraz endure the burdens of shirtlessness are his castmates and the New Moon crew—particularly director Chris Weitz, whom Alex deems “hilarious.”

“I have to work out before takes,” Meraz reveals. “[Weitz] comes in and grabs two dumbbells and starts working out with his frail little body—I try to teach him techniques.”

Ah, Alex Meraz—not just an actor and heartthrob, but a humanitarian too.

Watch Meraz talk about the joys and struggles of his New Moon experience in the video below: