VIDEO: Jansen Panettiere Digs Bangkok Massages

VIDEO: Jansen Panettiere Digs Bangkok Massages-photo

Apparently, Thailand rubs Jansen Panettiere the right way.

The 14-year-old little brother of Hayden Panettiere attended the star-packed Los Angeles premiere of 17 Again on Thursday night, when reporter Audrey Kitching broached the topic of his recent world travels.

So what's been his favorite part of traversing the globe so far?

Getting massages. In Thailand.

"I really enjoyed Thailand; that was incredible," Panettiere raves. "Bangkok—I'm sorry, but that's the coolest place on Earth. There's so many things going on. It's like New York City. You can go out and get a five-dollar incredible massage."

Giggity! The young man certainly seems to know a lot about where to go for a massage.

But, uh, he's 14—why does he even need a massage?

Show biz must be an exhausting mistress.



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  • jayc

    itsmemarke, you're such an idiot The name of that city is "Bangkok" not Bang Koh and the meaning is not about "Koh" or island.. yeah Bangkok's landscape is like island but the name is nothing about Koh or island as you said. ..and I wanna let you guys know that the real Thai massage is a kind of spa, relaxing, therapy ; not about sex or prostitute ! itsmemarke, if you already knew that, why you are so idiot posted that kind of comment? ...tell people how bad you've done when you were kid LOL

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Love that he wore a Fruit Loops T-shirt for the occasion. Say it loud, say it proud, girlfriend!

  • itsmemarke

    kid is FAR too young for a happy ending... then again i was 8 when I had my first Bangkok prostitute. You know why they call it Bangkok? Bang Koh, koh meaning "island," a reference to the area's landscape which was carved by rivers and canals. Owww