VIDEO: Ashton Kutcher Topples CNN in Twitter Wars!

VIDEO: Ashton Kutcher Topples CNN in Twitter Wars!-photo

The people have spoken, the results are in, and the winner is clear: Ashton Kutcher has beat CNN in the race to accumulate 1,000,000 Twitter followers.

The former Punk'd star threw down the gauntlet on Wednesday, after noticing that he had nearly as many Twitter fans as CNN did. Kutcher vowed to "ding-dong-ditch Ted Turner's house when I'm in Atlanta" if he won the race to reach the coveted million mark, a feat that no Twitter account had ever accomplished. 

Until a little after 2 a.m. Friday morning.

The lead-up to the victory was marked by an increasing sense of jubilation on Kutcher's live blog, with he and his wife, Demi Moore, providing a play-by-play.

Rap impresario Sean "Diddy" Combs got in on the action, phoning in as Kutcher's account neared its goal.

"I'm gonna throw up! It's like landing a man on the moon!" Combs exclaimed.

When Kutcher hit the 999,500 mark, Combs called in again. "Small step for mankind, you have done it brotha!" he raved. "You are the Twitter pioneer. The power to push a button, talk to a million people and talk to the world!"

Former Punky Brewster star Soleil Moon Frye also dropped by to wish Kutcher luck.

When Kutcher pushed past the million mark—with CNN still lagging in the 998,000 range—the bubbly was broken out and full-on celebration ensued.

Kutcher and his crew won't be the only ones celebrating his win—the actor vowed to donate 10,000 mosquito bed nets to the Malaria No More organization for World Malaria Day on April 25 if he won, and 1,000 if he lost. (CNN matched his pledge.)

Time will tell if Ashton makes good on his pledge to ding-dong-ditch Ted Turner's home. The CNN founder might want to invest in some extra security.

Check out video of Kutcher's moment of glory below:



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