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  • C. Brown
    C. Brown

    Khloe, I have to be in the Miami area the entire month of August for business. My partner is flying down the weekend of Aug.7. His only request is that I take him to DASH. We both own several of our own businesses, and this particular weekend is time to just get away. He will watch Keeping up with the Kardashians over and over. Loves ya'll to death. Hope to see you that weekend. Would love to hear a response.

  • Scott

    Khloe, me and my partner will be visiting Miami from Memphis Aug,7-10 and have to come see the knew store. I told him the only thing I HAD to do was go to DASH!! I hope we get a chance to run into to you during that weekend.. We both own several Fantastic Sams hair salons, and want to visit with two wonderfully outgoing, focused, tentatious and beautiful business women.

  • blahblah

    I LOVE Khloe, and will definately watch.

  • Kobalicious

    I love the Kardashians...and Khloe is my favorite one. She always keeps me cracking up and I wish that they would open a store in Atlanta!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  • lagunakappa

    I'm so stoked for DASH to hit the east coast!!! I'm moving to Miami next week, as a matter of fact, so Dash Dolls, if you read this, email me b/c I have degrees in fashion merchandising and styling. I wish you ALL THE BEST!!!! xoxo, Julie

  • Liv

    Can I make my formal request to ask that all the Dashian's be put to sleep? While they are hot, they are so lame.

  • noah

    so the Kardashian girls are headed to Miami? can I put in my formal request now and ask the producers to limit ALL potential shots of Khloe in a bikini? I'm not trying to be an ass, but I would rather not vomit on my coffee table.