Lady Gaga: Nice Day For a Cup of Tea

Lady Gaga: Nice Day For a Cup of Tea-photo

Lady GaGa sure knows how to keep people talking!

The singer who rocked this teacup look at February's Brit Awards was spotted leaving Radio 1 studios in Central London rocking an absolutely RIDICULOUS outfit, an out-of-control hat, geisha-stye makeup, and carrying her standard flowered teacup. Wanna bet there's no tea in there? 

Whoever dresses this girl is a genius. Last week she rocked a see-thru shirt with an "X" over her nipple, as well as this purple look (complete with a matching purple tea set).

The Sun is reporting that GaGa flipped out last week when she accidentally left her cup at a London restaurant. A source reveals, "She kicked up a fuss and demanded someone get her cup and saucer back. She wouldn't drink out of anything else. It just looked like any other cup and saucer to me and said 'Made in China' on the bottom. It seemed a lot of fuss over nothing."


Have your say in the comments section: What do you think of Lady GaGa's latest outfit and strange fondness for teacups? 



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