Lindsay Lohan Wants Some Leo Time

Lindsay Lohan Wants Some Leo Time-photo

Watch out, boys. Lindsay Lohan is back on the prowl and you might be next!

The Sun is reporting that the recently single star was spotted desperately trying to catch the attention of the actor at Hollywood hotspot MyHouse on Wednesday night. Leonardo is currently dating supermodel Bar Rafaeli

A source claims, "As soon as Lindsay saw Leo she was like a bee to honey. She was going for the big catch and when she spotted him in a dark corner of the club she headed straight for him. She quickly monopolised his conversation and made sure she had him all to herself.

Dang, girl! Looks like Linds cuts right to the chase these days. 

Let us know in the comments: Do you think LiLo and Leo hooked up? And do you think Sam Ronson and Lindsay are done for good? 



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  • ichi

    he is italian and german

  • Sam

    leo is german, not italian...

  • Cognak15K

    I thought Leo was with the model Bar Refaeli ! isn't he?

  • pearl

    I'm going with Leo on this one. I think the head on his shoulders warned him to keep away from the STDs.

  • stephen

    leo like any italian male will listen to those proposals. but, if he takes the bait it's on his terms and you won't ever get any evidence of it. what a couple! frankie would jump on it, right frankie! frankie?

  • hispanicatthedisco

    No way in hell Leo would ditch Bar Refaeli for that skankosaurus.

  • charliemurphy

    Maybe it's just me, but I like my woman batsh*t crazy. I'm going with the freckle-puss on this one.

  • noah

    HBO presents Skank Wars! Super Model vs. Super Ginger