Mel Gibson: Back In Time For Church

Mel Gibson: Back In Time For Church-photo

This Mel Gibson stuff is really getting good.

After being served with divorce papers last week amidst rumored affairs with Russian singer Oksana Grigorieva and Russian pianist Oksana Kolesnikova, the father of seven was spotted back in Los Angeles from his getaway at his Costa Rican estate.

People is reporting that the 53-year-old actor attended services on Sunday afternoon at his private church in Malibu after a week-long vacation in Costa Rica. A fellow churchgoer spilled, "He was drinking coffee with church guests and seemed very relaxed." 

Well, as relaxed as a man who might be losing millions of dollars can be! It is reported that wife Robyn might be getting a huge wad of Mel's cash in the divorce—$500 million to be exact.

Do you think Mel really cheated on his wife? Have your say in the comment section below! 



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  • justafan

    I really like you, Okie. You have a generous heart - a rarity these days. Thanks for making me feel better about the state of the human race.

  • raivo

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  • Okie From Wiskogee
    Okie From Wiskogee

    I highly doubt that he cheated on his wife. I don't believe it at all. He doesn't seem like the type. Even the drinking photos are innocent looking. Nothing unexpected there. Now if there's a photo of a woman's legs up in the air in the back seat of his car and he then gets out of the car pulling up his jeans, I might buy into it. Maybe.