UPDATE: Pap Proclaims Innocence in Madonna Horse Accident

UPDATE: Despite Madonna’s claims that intrusive paparazzi spooked her horse and caused her fall on Saturday, at least one shutterbug is claiming it just isn’t so.

Freelance photog Thomas Hinton tells the New York Daily News that he had no role in the horse-riding mishap, and the Southampton Village Police Department apparently backs up his claim.

Hinton says that he took a few shots of Madonna riding her horse at 3:50 p.m., but bailed because he didn’t have a good angle to shoot from.

Hinton only returned about 40 minutes later, when he was tipped off that Madge had taken a spill.

“I arrived more than 10 minutes after she fell, and I was shooting from the street,” Hinton said. “I don’t know what [Madonna’s publicist Liz Rosenberg] is talking about.”

The mystery deepens…

What, was it Fedora Saturday at the New York Kabbalah Center yesterday?

Singer Madonna popped up at the place of worship, as did Carlos Leon (father of Madge’s daughter, Lourdes) and her apparently on-again boyfriend, Brazilian model Jesus Luz.

Curiously, they were all sporting similar looks, from the fedoras perched on their noggins to their black jackets. Wonder if they have a secret handshake for their club?

But wardrobe coordination wasn’t the only exciting activity for the Material Mom on Saturday. The New York Daily News reports that Madge was tossed from her horse while riding in the Hamptons, when her steed was startled by photographers.

According to Madonna’s mouthpiece, Liz Rosenberg, the 50-year-old singer was getting all equestrian at the Bridgehampton farm of photographer Steven Klein when a group of paps leaped out of the bushes, surprising her horse and causing a not particularly graceful dismount. 

Madonna was raced to the Southampton Hospital with minor injuries and bruises, and was released on Saturday night. She’s believed to be recovering at the Amagansett estate of her pal Gwyneth Paltrow.