Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens' Date Night...With Harvey Levin?

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens' Date Night...With Harvey Levin?-photo

Okay, things are getting a little too close for comfort in the celebrity-gossip world.

Zac Efron celebrated his thorough pummeling of Miley Cyrus over the weekend by taking his best gal, Vanessa Hudgens, to see the Los Angeles Lakers play the Utah Jazz at the Staples Center on Sunday.

And who happened to be sitting next to hoops fan Efron and his Pilates-pumped princess? None other than TMZ bigwig Harvey Levin.

Coincidence, or a sign of collusion in the Hollywood gossip mill? Seems like kind of an unfair advantage.

Hopefully Zac and Nessie didn't spill too much dirt to their courtside companion. He has a reputation as a bit of a blabbermouth.



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  • Vickey Churchill
    Vickey Churchill

    I think that the media is going way overboard and being mean when covering the way Madonna looks. I think she looks great for any age. It is quite obvious that she is working hard to be fit and it really shows! I beleive that the people bashing her are really quite jealous. They know that it would be very hard (if not impossible) for them to ever look as good. I bleive that Madonna is also setting a good example for the next generation. To me her message is "You don't have to be like everyone else - overweight, sluggish and out of shape! Take your health into your own hands - you can be as strong and fit as you want provided that you are willing to do the work and are dedicated enough to control what you eat and how much exercise you are getting.

  • sonya

    what about spike lee

  • sonya

    who is lee guber

  • sonya

    and now i got nelly

  • sonya

    and now i got meg white

  • sonja

    Did you guys now that mine Refresh Code was FERGIE,how whacky is that!!!BTW they are my favourite couple,heck i even like them more than me and my boyfriend!!!

  • may

    love u zanessa!stay together always!

  • zanessa4everloveu

    owww!love it..they are so sweet.. cute u zanessa

  • locapeligrosa

    Zac Efron is an idiot, and I have zero respect for him. Leave him 'Ness.

  • noah

    Question: What's the #1 sign that you're a Hollywood douchebag?

    Answer: Wearing sunglasses while sitting court side at a Lakers game.

  • anagarve

    cute couple

  • anne

    i love this cuople