AnnaLynne McCord’s Summer Adventure

Annalynne McCord has had quite the busy year, between filming for her hit show 90210, swapping spit with her rumored boyfriend, Twilight star Kellan Lutz and maintaining her hot figure, so she’s decided to take the summer off!

The 21-year-old tells People that she’s decided to ditch the Hollywood thing and spend the summer months backpacking around Europe, something she says she’s always wanted to do. “I’ve been to London, Paris, Madrid, and Barcelona,” McCord notes. “I actually have 23 cities that I’m circling around.”

She continues, “I had several offers for the summer, but I decided there wasn’t anything I really 100 percent wanted to do. I ended up telling my agent, ‘I’m sorry. I’m not available. I’m leaving. Don’t call me. I need some time and I just want to be by myself for a little bit.'”

And be by herself she will! McCord explained that she will be solo for most of the trip. “I do have some friends coming out to meet me in different cities, but I’m mostly going by myself,” she says. “It’s pretty cool.”

Have fun, Miss McCord! We’ll miss you and your crazy red-carpet appearances!