Ashley Tisdale Goes From MyHouse to His Mouth

Wow. Ashley Tisdale is really turning over a new leaf.

After her recent break-up with long-time boyfriend Jared Murillo, she’s landed on the club scene and snagged herself a new, hot boyfriend in music video director Scott Speer. And, last night, she gave the paparazzi an unexpected show!

Upon leaving Hollywood hotspot My House last night, the “It’s Alright, It’s OK” singer was caught making out with Scott while at a stop light, unaware of the Hollywood.TV cameras filming the whole thing. When she discovers she’s been caught, her reaction is priceless! Check it out:

Poor Ash. But it looks like her boyfriend is loving the attention! The paps beg Ash for an “encore” performance but she just hides in her boyfriend’s lap.

Let us know in the comments: Do you think Scott is using the Tiz for fame, or does he genuinely like her?