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  • roseann

    david archuleat Live in Manila..i saw him..He is so cute..and good...at the mall of asia!! philippines..See you david!! welcome to Manila

  • Gayle

    He is AMAZING!!

  • Karen

    David MIGHT have a future in the music business?? I'd say you can bet the farm on that one. He is UNREAL live. Talk about goooooood! You have NO idea. I've travelled over 10,000 miles to see him sing five times. It was sooo worth it. I've never been a fan of anyone EVER, but I'm over the moon for this one. David is an amazing singer, truly beyond endearing (ask Cook and anyone else whose spent any time with him) and way past gorgeous. He's gonna be HUGE, folks. Count on it.

  • muzikluvr8888

    My favorite of his 3 videos. You see the real David. No acting here. This video tells the true story of David's passion for singing and connecting with the audience. I love this video!

  • sandra

    Amazing video from an amazing singer. I can't wait to see him tommorrow on American Idol singing THM

  • kak

    I love it. Pretty much says it all. We love him and he loves us.

  • madeline Alvarez
    madeline Alvarez

    David is the greatest, this video is outstanding, keep up the fabulous work.

  • tracimac

    I think this music video just CHANGED MY LIFE.

  • chinee

    i loVe it! he is sOoOO goOd

  • kara

    David makes this song come to life in concert! I was on my feet dancing and singing along when I saw him. He has an amazing career path ahead of him and I plan to follow him for a long time to come!!

  • Archiegirl

    i love it really!! this song will be a smash hit, perfect beat and nice melody, also the lyrics are great!! buy his nice album and support the true talent!!

  • Doorman

    Busy is right! He's also appearing on American Idol tomorrow night and then heads to the UK for a tour with McFly starting Friday night (his album will be released in the UK on May 11). He and David Cook have a joint concert in Manila on May 16. And he's also begun work on a second album. Oh...and I love the video! Although the editors definitely wanted to show the younger girls. There were many older than teen fans, including guys, there that night at the House of Blues in Chicago. You'd never know it from the video. Boo for that, but thumbs up for the rest of the video.