Lindsay Lohan: Will Strip for Fun

After baring her soul to the press, is Lindsay Lohan ready to bare her body to the public? On purpose, this time?

Nightclub habitué Lohan tells E! Online that she would consider doing a one-night-only appearance in former Spice Girl Mel B’s burlesque act Peepshow, currently running at Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

“One show as a guest would be fun,” Lohan offers. She also adds that she would do it just “for play.”

Whoa, let’s not get crazy, Lindsay; you’re not exactly rolling in acting jobs right now, so it might be wise to ask for a little pocket change for your appearance.

Then again, Lohan already played a stripper, in 2007’s I Know Who Killed Me, and that flopped miserably, so she’d probably have to fork over cash to appear in the show.

Not to mention all the money that the producers would have to spend on magnifying glasses, so that audience members could see Lohan’s increasingly shrunken body.

Have your say in the comments section: Would you pay to watch Lindsay Lohan in a burlesque show?